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Woolcraft are pleased to announce we are Distributors of Alafosslopi & Lettlopi (Non stock Item to be Ordered In)

New Shades in Shetland Mist DK and Luxury Soft Chunky with Alpaca

5 x 200g Balls

100% Polyester


Machine Washable

  • 01 cream POM POM 01 cream POM POM
  • 02 Blue POM POM 02 Blue POM POM
  • 04 pink white POM POM 04 pink white POM POM(!)
  • 05 Blue White POM POM 05 Blue White POM POM
  • 06 White POMPOM 06 White POMPOM
  • 07 pink POM POM 07 pink POM POM(!)

We are ONLY Wholesale we do not supply to the general public - To order any of our products please contact you local Woolcraft Sales Area Agent, If you do not have a local Agent please use the contact form - please include your address and a contact number so we can put you in touch with the correct person